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Services Feature Card

The most sophisticated email technologies and services on the market.  Check back often as we are continually adding new features and enhancing existing ones.  Click on a category below to view our condensed features list. More detailed information can be found on our Campaign Management, List & Data Management and Services pages.

Our features are categorized into three sections: If you do not see a service or technology that you would like to use, send us your comments and we'll see what we can do. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration please contact us at 416-636-5638 or email info@inbox-advertising.com

Email Marketing Features
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Feature: Benefit:   Reason for Use:
Ad Banners Using our dynamic delivery technology we are able to serve ad banners in multiple ad spots throughout an email, as well as provide weighted distribution. We use an advanced targeting procedure to predetermine each recipient's ad impressions prior to deployment.   This service enables clients to offer ad banner delivery, tracking and reporting as a source of revenue within their email properties.
Auto Detect Email Allows email messages to be delivered in the format viewable by the recipient's email application.   It is important to use this delivery format if you do not know what the recipient's email application can display, otherwise, text recipients will always be viewing html source code instead of the message.
Browser Version of Email *new* We provide your recipients with a browser version of your message, ensuring that even text and restricted-html recipients have an option to view an html version of the message.

Each browser version is completely customized to the specific recipient's database information. We track the open, click and unsubscribe results as if the recipient had received the message originally in html. We recommend the inclusion of a simple statement in your email message, such as "click below to view a browser version of this email".
  This is ideal for text recipients to be able to view the email in html and for html recipients who cannot view images or links (they are sometimes blocked/removed by anti-spam/virus software running in the recipient's email environment).

The browser version of the message also captures additional tracking information, specifically the email open counts, which would otherwise be unavailable due to the restricted viewing format for this segment of your audience.
Customization Modify the From and Reply-to fields in each email to reflect your product or company or service name and contact email address.   This assists recipients in being able to identify the message as being sent from the client and provides a seamless connection between the recipient and the client through the use of the Reply-to address.
Dynamic Content Delivery using Rules This allows us to load a database with data, like age, name, address, hobbies, gender and even paragraphs containing profiles or descriptive content.  We can then assemble a custom message for each recipient based on rules that you create about the data in the database.   This allows the message content to be customized for the recipient, based on the database information provided.   This ensures relevance of the content, which will increase campaign performance.
Forms, Polls and Surveys Collect information from your recipients (audience) through the use of submission forms.   Recipients enter information into a form contained in the email message (or select options in a survey or poll etc).   The information can then be either stored by us, or passed through our servers to your server-side process that will then extract and log the information.

If you choose to run an email poll, participants can be directed to either a stand-alone web page (with your branding), which displays the real-time results, or we can embed the results in a Browser Version of the email message. With the embeded results option, a recipient clicks on a polling link in the message and they are directed to a completely customized and trackable browser version of the email, with the real-time poll results appearing in place of the original poll.
  This allows you to build databases of recipient response information.  An essential tool for understanding your audience. Examples of forms could include, registration, purchase or order forms, polls, surveys and a search engine input field.

In addition, by using the embeded poll results option, the recipient can view the results and then continue with reading the message, not having to go back to the actual email.
Image Hosting We'll host, or you host.   Acceptable formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png and .swf   If you do not have the support staff, access to your servers or enough bandwidth to host the images, just send them with your creative and we will store them on our servers.
Link Tracking Have us track all or some of the links contained in your message.

We do not apply any restrictions on the number of links that can be included in a message.  We also do not charge extra for link tracking or for total number of links beyond a preset limit.
  There are instances where link tracking my produce exceptionally long URLs in Text messages, which may be visually unappealing.  There is also the case of tracking an email URL.  When clicked, it will produce a blank browser window as it opens the email application.  Some clients prefer to avoid this effect, so we remove the tracking from that URL.
Multiple Delivery Attempts We will continue to send the message to the intended recipient, every 8 hours for the next 2 days from the launch date.

This equates to 7 attempts at delivery, at which point, if delivery is still unsuccessful, we classify the result as a bounce.
  This technology helps to address cases where recipient mail servers are temporarily down or busy, as well as overcoming some anti-spam applications that require a second attempt before the message is delivered.
Pass Parameter Values through the Click We pass data from a database through any click URL. When the recipient clicks, the data is passed through the clickstream, enabling the destination server to read the responder's specific data.

It is the equivalent of sending the responder to the web site, wearing a nametag, so that you will know their identity.  If the client has a pre-existing process for tracking visitors, this can pass the necessary information required to tie into their tracking system.  Thus providing the means for seamless tracking of the responder from the email message throughout the web site.
  There are many advantages to knowing who your customers are and in being able to customize their experience from the email through to the web site.  Some companies have used this option to personalize and customize the landing pages dynamically, while others have offered recipients different content depending on the identity of the recipient who clicked.

We have also used this technology to pre-fill web-based forms with the responders' information (i.e. for an on-line subscription renewal, an order form or application form).
Personalization We offer personalization of the To: and Subject: lines in the header.   Personalization can also appear anywhere within the body of the message, one or multiple times.   Personalization would include items like a recipient's name in a greeting or identification number or address or phone number or age etc..   This technique increases responses and fortifies the bond between the sender and the recipient.   It also helps to avoid confusion with SPAM-related messages, which do not usually contain personalized information.
Unsubscribe Tracking & Confirmation *new* We host the entire unsubscribe process, which includes a challenge screen coupled with an error screen, a removal confirmation screen and an optional data collection form. We track the clicks to the challenge screen, the actual unsubscribes as well as log all user declared information from the challenge page, including their reason for unsubscribing and/or additional comments.

The email address that is entered on the challenge screen must match our database of recipients for that campaign, as well as a special security code specific to the recipient (so that only the link from the email can be used to unsubscribe). If there is no match, the recipient is directed to the error page indicating what the problem was, as well as our contact email address in the event they cannot resolve their unsubscribe attempts.

Our Reporting Summary will provide a count of unsubscribes and at the client's request, we can generate a list of unsubscriber's email addresses, which can then be purged from future campaigns.

  This ensures your mailing conforms to both Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and CAN-SPAM laws.

It also provides an ideal opportunity to present unsubscribers with an alternate/additional offer, or a survey/questionnaire in an effort to collect some information that may assist in deterring future unsubscribes.

Viral Marketing - Tell a Friend We offer a service that contains all of the benefits of a 'send to a friend' viral marketing process, and more.

Our technique for supplying forward requests is to include a link in the email, which will set up a plain text email, containing a message for the friend and a link to an on-line version of the html email.   This enables the recipient to view the message through a web browser instead of an email application.

Our reporting software will track all of the activity that occurs on that link, with the ability to produce a list of email addresses of those who clicked specifically on that initial link.   This group of individuals represents recipients who are promoting your newsletter to their friends, co-workers and family members.   Below is an example that you can click, to see what we mean:
"If you would like to tell a friend about this newsletter, click here."
  This technique eliminates any issues with the email source appearing to be coming from a friend, but containing a masked address, as it would be sent from our IP Addresses, not the friend's IP Address.

It also ensures that the recipient will be able to view the message properly, as they will be viewing it through their Web Browser, instead of through their email application. By encouraging the friend to send the email, the message will be able to by-pass any spam filters that it may have otherwise encountered, if it were sent from a third party sender.

Since the message will be viewed in a browser, the recipient will only see the message in html, making sure you will always be showing new potentials the more colourful, interactive version of the message, instead of the text version.

List & Data Management Features
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Feature: Benefit:   Reason for Use:
Acquisition Services A double opt-in subscription process that produces a verified, clean list and database, which also automatically manages your subscribers.    We seamlessly integrate our service with your web property and email communications.

By mimicking a page on your web site, your visitors will not see any difference in continuity as they travel from your web property to our sign up version, hosted on our servers.

The entire process is self-serve and fully automated, from sign-up to unsubscribe.   We can also add your existing database to our process, so that all of your existing subscribers will be able to make use of our modification and unsubscribe services.

A support email addresses is available on each screen in the interface, as well as the provision of context sensitive help responses, which assists users who are having difficulties.
  Our technology will produce a list of all subscribers and their declared information, which can be instantly targeted in a campaign or downloaded.

Since this is a complete self-serve solution, you will not have to dedicate any resources to support this unique service.

Equally as important, this ensures that you have all of the necessary processes in place in order to comply with all Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and CAN-SPAM act requirements.

We can also integrate this service with our Automated Delivery Services, so that all new subscribers will receive a personalized welcome email.
Data, List & Creative Cleansing All list cleansing and database preparations are performed including suppressions, intersections, unions and de-duplications.  Malformed, incomplete and duplicate addresses are removed automatically.   Images are checked for size, file type and irregularities.  Any issues that arise are communicated immediately.   Ensures proper maintenance of lists, proper display of message creative and timely reporting of any issues, which may delay the launch of the campaign, allowing deadlines to always be met.
De-duplication, or not Our software is specifically designed to handle multiple recipients who share the same email address but have unique personalization data, so it is up to you if you would like us to remove duplicate addresses.   Allows for individual delivery and tracking of two or more recipients who are sharing one email address.  Delivering multiple messages to recipients sharing an address is only suggested if a personalized message is being sent, otherwise the recipients will receive multiple identical emails.
List & Database Management Services Your data will be stored on our secured servers and will be available each time you would like to launch a campaign. We provide services that cover all facets of managing your data, including cleansing, de-duplication, merges, purges, intersection/suppression, as well as analytical queries between databases and queries between results from multiple email campaigns.   We remove the stress and resource demands of managing your email databases and lists by using our management services, which are directly integrated into our delivery software platform.
Secure Data & Document Uploads We assign password-protected access for clients to upload creative, code, images, databases etc., through their own web browser, no FTP required.

  Sensitive files, databases and lists can be passed to us through our secure server interface, ensuring that a 3rd party cannot view the data.

Campaign Management Features
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Feature: Benefit:   Reason for Use:
Automated Campaign Delivery & Follow Up Campaigns
This service enables marketers to have their email marketing automatically driven by their batch files.

Our processes can be set to run at a regularly scheduled time, on a daily basis. We can also configure the process to automatically send follow up messaging, based on the initial campaign responses and pre-determined time periods for responses.

Lastly, we can automatically segment out and assemble a database of recipients who are non-responders, which can be used for delivery of alternate messaging through another medium.
  When using email as a first point of contact, you can effectively reduce your marketing costs on a continual basis.

Aside from being more cost effective, email campaign results are also far more measurable and actionable for follow up strategies. We provide extremely detailed metrics, accessible through our Thawte secured servers, available 24/7.
Block List Service Provide a list of addresses that you would like us to block from receiving emails and all lists you submit will be checked against your blocked list.  All matches will be removed.   This is ideal if you have received complaints regarding unsubscribe requests not being removed or you have an automated list collection process that may not be checking against all prior removal requests.
Bounced Email Details
We have the ability to track every aspect of the delivery and non-delivery of each email sent through our servers. Not only can we provide details about opened messages and clicks, we can determine exactly why an email was not received. These types of messages are referred to as a bounce back, or bounce.

To monitor the bounce activity for each campaign, we provide you with access to a bounce status report from within our reporting interface. It will display the bounce status code, total counts for each, classification and reason for each bounce. You can also download the report to your desktop. Prior to your next campaign launch, we can provide lists of both hard and soft bounces, which can then be removed from future mailings.
  This valuable report will provide the bounce status code, count, classification and reason for each bounce. This is ideal for understanding why bounces have occurred and will give assistance to what may be done to address this in future campaigns. You can also download the report to your desktop.
Campaign Adjustments, Testing & Approval Each campaign management fee includes 1 adjustment that can be applied to images, lists, databases or content. All campaigns must be tested against a client supplied test list and approved by the client before they can be launched.   The approval process is vitally important to catching errors and ensuring the success of the campaign.
You cannot afford to make mistakes with email marketing as there is no way to 'recall' a mailing.
Destination URL Safety Feature We have the ability to change any destination URL in your message to another URL after the campaign has launched.  A real lifesaver if the destination URLs are incorrect/incomplete or are pointing to a server that is unresponsive.  Once we are notified, changes take under 30 seconds to implement.

This service is not offered by any other Email Service Provider.
  The best way to describe this is Insurance.  With all other email service providers, once the email is sent, they do not have any control over the link URLs contained in the message.

With our service, we can change the destination any number of times and at any point after a campaign has launched.  The reporting module will also automatically update itself to reflect all changes.
Link Locator & Email Viewer Our automated process visually highlights the placement of each Link ID within a copy of the email message, which enables you to easily locate each link placement and its corresponding ID. It works for both Html and Text creative.

We've also added in a process to display and print the original email that was sent. No more searching your deleted items bin. You'll also be able to view both the text and html versions of a mixed creative message. Normally you would only be able to view whichever format displayed in your email application.
  This is a helpful tool when you would like to correlate a particular link's results to its physical placement within the message.

The multi-selection interface offers highlighted and original versions of the message. It will also display a specific content cell for dynamic content campaigns, eliminating what could very well be a time consuming process of locating a specific rule and cell combination within campaigns with multiple content cells and rules.

Post Launch List Generation & Storage We generate lists of email addresses grouped based on whether the recipients clicked, opened, unsubscribed or did not receive the email.  We can also generate click lists for each specific link or combinations of links.   In addition, we can perform special list creations. (i.e. recipients who did not click, responders who clicked for successive campaigns, recipients who did not open etc.).   The lists are used primarily for list management in merging subscribes and purging unsubscribes.  They are also important tools for conducting a more granular analysis of the campaign performance.
Reporting Built on our proprietary OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) technology, the Reporting Module is a high-powered database query and analysis tool.  All results are displayed in colourful, interactive reports containing detailed graphs and metrics.  Reports are accessible 24/7, are in true real-time and can be downloaded to your desktop into a .csv file format.    Our reporting provides detailed results of every facet of the campaign, allowing you to hone your message strategies and increase future campaign performance.  The depth of detail and analytics exceeds anything offered by any other Email Service Provider. In addition, we have integrated a help facility into the interface, which describes each result metric, the methodologies used and provides suggestions for interpretation of the values.
Sender Authentication Compliant Sender authentication technologies allow recipients to verify the source of a message before accepting it. This is done by automatically checking the source delivery address of an email with where it claims to be sent. If the two do not match, then the email will be flagged as not authenticated and can either be refused, re-routed or accepted. In many cases, large Mail Service Providers (like Hotmail and AOL) are re-routing these mailings to 'Junk' folders and even refusing delivery.

The problems arise because Email, by its very nature, is a trusting technology. Anyone sending an email message can claim to be anyone else, with little or no consequence. This has fueled the pandemic abuse of email communications for the purposes of spam and fraud.

In the case of Inbox Advertising services, our IP addresses match our DNS listings and as such, all emails sent through Inbox Advertising servers are always Sender Authentication Compliant.
  In an effort to battle against this shortfall in email technologies, the introduction of Sender Authentication has decidedly filled the gap. By actually checking the sender's IP address against the domain name (DNS) of the mail server sending the email, organizations can now determine if the sender is who they say they are.

The benefit of sender authentication is that it allows legitimate senders to prove their identity, while protecting recipients by providing accurate information about the source of the sender.

This also reduces fraud and spam, as unscrupulous individuals will no longer be able to conceal their identity. The overall effect will be very positive.
We Serve Management Service From the testing stage to the launch, to the post-launch reporting, we will take the lead and guide you through each option available throughout the process.

Most of our set-up process is automated.  Once we receive all of the campaign materials, including lists, images text and code, we manually check the display of the creative, load all of the materials into our software and select the settings chosen for that particular campaign.

Our software handles all of the special link, image and html coding required, as well as the management of the tracking, image hosting and personalization databases. You provide the creative and the list of addresses, we will take care of the rest.
  This is essential for smooth and timely execution of the campaign.   It is also important for accuracy of content, tracking, as well as avoidance of pit-falls like continuity between different email applications and the triggering of anti-spam mechanisms.

Our automation greatly reduces the risk of human error and ensures proper coding, which equates to consistent and accurate campaign delivery, performance, tracking and reporting.

This also means a very quick turnaround time (minutes instead of days), for initial campaign test launches & re-launches.

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