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Don't risk experimenting on your audience. Leave the technology and management to us.

Designed with Internet Publishers in mind, our technologies enable you to reach your list members, track performance on a variety of levels, manage your lists and hone your message strategies. We provide all of the services necessary to convert your email inventory into paid advertising.

Email and newsletter lists are valuable assets that can be even more valuable when they are generating revenue. The problem is creating and managing the technology. Whether you are selling ad placements within your newsletter, or ad pushes to your recipient list, Internet marketing can be a lucrative way to monetize your assets, in addition to adding complementary branding to your mailings. Having a large name advertise on your property can also increase its status.

Using our management service enables you to manage the front-end of your Internet property (the selling), while our email services handle the backend.

Our Management Service provides a cost effective solution, without consuming your valuable network resources as we host the campaign delivery and reporting through our servers.  Not only a great method of reaching your audience, it is the cheapest retention tool on the market!

Our Acquisition Services (List Building) enables publishers to offer their audience a fully automated customized double opt-in subscription (or registration) process that produces a verified, clean list and database.  Turn any visitor to your web property into a subscriber! Use our Email Management Services and start generating revenue today!

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration please contact us at 416-636-5638 or email sales@inbox-advertising.com

Management Service

Our unique proprietary technology enables you to offer multiple ad spaces throughout your email message (or newsletter) to one or more advertisers and provide reporting on a multitude of performance metrics.

From the testing stage to the launch, to the post-launch reporting, we will take the lead and guide you through each option available throughout the process.  We apply our personal expertise to all aspects of your campaign, including uploading, testing, adjustments, troubleshooting, re-coding, data cleansing, live launch and all post-launch activities.  You provide the creative and the list of addresses, we will take care of the rest.

After each campaign launch, we assign login access to our Reporting Module interface for all of your advertisers.   This enables each to view results for their specific ad space(s), at their leisure.   The results displayed in the Reporting interface for one client's ad cannot be viewed by another client who is running a different ad in the same newsletter. Everyone gets their own access to the interface and can only view their ad's results.  The customized (or partial) access can also be applied to provide restricted sales rep viewing.

Built on our proprietary OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) technology, the Reporting Module is a high-powered database query and analysis tool.  All results are displayed in colourful, interactive reports containing detailed graphs and metrics.  Reports are accessible 24/7, are in true real-time and can be downloaded to your desktop into a .csv file format.

Reporting is divided into two sections, Top Level and Segmented.   Each is then sub-divided into total and unique responses based on daily, hourly, by day or week or by hour of day.   Results include:

  • Sent count
  • Received count
  • Unsubscribed total
  • Bounced back total, soft bounce, hard bounce and reason for bounce.
  • Opened emails (total, preview-pane-filtered and unique)
  • Clicks (total and unique, html vs. text)

  • Click % based on opened counts
  • Click % based on received counts
  • Opened frequency
  • Responders with Images turned off
  • Responders who clicked on multiple links

After a campaign has launched, we can generate Results Lists. These are lists of email addresses grouped based on whether the recipients clicked, opened, subscribed, unsubscribed or did not receive the email. Results lists greatly assist in future mailing strategies. We can also generate click lists for each specific link or combinations of links (used to retarget specific respondents who clicked on specific ads). In addition, we can we can perform special list creations. (i.e. respondents who did not click, respondents who clicked for successive campaigns, recipients who did not open etc.).

To view a full list of our technologies, visit our Services page.
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Acquisition Services (List Building)

We provide a complete hosted service, where we seamlessly integrate our subscription code into your web property or email communication. The code will direct your subscribers to our hosted version of your sign up page (really a series of pages). We can even mimic your web property so that users will not see any difference in continuity.

Our technology will produce a list of all subscribers and their declared information, which can be instantly targeted in a campaign.  This is achieved using a quick, simple process where potential subscribers are sent an email message when they first sign-up.  The email contains a URL that must be clicked in order to activate the subscription.  This ensures that the address entered is valid and functioning.  It also ensures that only the true email address holder can activate the subscription.

Once a subscription is activated, subscribers are sent an email message that contains a URL, which will allow them to modify their subscription information. No passwords required, just the URL.  We also include an automated access search for recipients who have lost/deleted their access URL email.   This is a fully automated process, providing a complete self serve solution.

Deployment is even easier. Once the custom subscription interface is completed, we will provide you with 2 URLs that can be added to your web site, which will allow visitors to automatically subscribe, modify their information or to unsubscribe from your list/newsletter/alerts/ads etc.   The URLs can be placed anywhere throughout your web site, or even in an email message.  The concept is to provide multiple sources for sign-up to ensure that most of your audience is given an opportunity to participate.

To view a full list of our technologies, visit our Services page.
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Marketing Tip #3

Maintain consistency in format and frequency of mailings.

If you offer a monthly newsletter, it is important to deliver a monthly newsletter. The treatment of your audience should be the same as if you were offering a monthly print magazine.

Deadlines are vitally important, as newsletters reflect the commitment of an organization as much as any other marketing effort. Consistency means following a similar look and feel (i.e. font styles, colours, graphics etc.), as well as including appropriate content that complements the nature of the message and newsletter in general.