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Polls & Surveys

Polling can be a very useful method for quick, meaningful interactions and data collection. Because of this, it is very important to maintain the integrity of the data you collect. We have designed a process that ensures the data collected through our technologies has not been compromised through URL changes or repeated submissions. Each recipient is restricted to only one vote.

We achieve this one vote assurance, by passing a specific combination of data through each poll URL in each email, allowing only one vote per email and eliminating any tampering with URLs or votes, which could compromise the results. If a voter submits additional votes in a live poll, their vote is not logged, however, the voter is still sent through to the results screen.

Polling results can appear on either a stand alone display, where only the results are displayed on their own web page (with client branding), or they can appear embedded within a browser version of the original email. In the embedded option, the poll results appear in place of where the poll was, within the email message. This browser version is specific to each recipient, so that full tracking is maintained.

Similar to polls, surveys are a series of polls grouped together. By containing multiple questions, they assist in broadening the range of user declared information that is submitted, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your subscribers. We provide completely customized and hosted surveys, questionnaires and forms. Each maintaining the same data collection process as in our polls, ensuring that results are not compromised.

Our technology does not require the use of cookies and will also work if multiple voters are sharing a single email address.
This poll has been set up to bypass the normal verification stage of our process and to log each vote, without restrictions on the number of times an individual can vote. We have put this in place to demonstration the counts as they change with each vote. On a live poll, each recipient is restricted to only one vote.

Please take a moment to participate in our poll.

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