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List & Data Management

An important part of the launch cycle is the management of lists and databases. Our List & Data Management services can be used to create, add to, remove from, combine and delete lists and specific email addresses.

Often, the databases that we receive are not formatted, or the data is not in an acceptable format for inclusion in an email. As an example, we have many clients who supply databases containing the recipient's data in capitalized letters. If we are personalizing a greeting in the email, where we would include the recipient's first name, we can convert the database such that only the first letter of the name is capitalized, with the remainder in lowercase. The process will also convert French characters to the appropriate case, resolve Html ASCII code and word variables and convert them to the appropriate character.

We also receive a lot of databases where the first and last names are combined into one field. In these instances, we can segment the field into just the first name as well as convert that name to first letter caps only.

To assist in honing your email strategies, we offer post delivery lists of addresses based on specific results, like opens, clicks, unsubscribes and bounces, as well as results based on clicks, which occurred on specific links. You'll be able to learn exactly who is opening, clicking or not responding to your mailings. You'll also be able to target future campaigns toward specific groups of recipients, by combining, intersecting or suppressing lists against the list results generated by the campaign. Comparing results lists between successive campaigns helps to identify the responders from the non-responders, allowing you to adjust your messaging to address each audience in future mailings. Your campaign manager will use these automated tools in order to assist you with:
  • Creation of new lists through the combination of existing lists or result lists from prior campaigns.
  • Suppression - Removes addresses appearing in all selected lists. As an example, we can launch your next campaign targeting only recipients who opened their email but did not click on a link. We generate this new list by suppressing the recipients who clicked from the list of recipients who opened the message.
  • Unions - Combines two or more lists into one list, removing or maintaining duplicates as required.
  • Intersections - Creates a list of names, which were found in all of the chosen lists. Used to generate results within campaigns and to target and produce a list of addresses that exhibited particular response behaviours between multiple campaigns.
  • Generation of results lists by each URL clicked. Creates a list of addresses of responders who clicked on specific links (or ads).
  • De-duplication of lists (removes duplicate addresses) and checks for valid addresses.
  • Processing lists with duplicate addresses (when multiple recipients share an address). Our software is capable of automatically treating each multiple as a unique address, as required.
  • Segmentation of lists based on Html and Text responses.
Manual processing and follow-up with each unsubscribe request is not necessary if you permit us to host the unsubscribe link. All unsubscribed recipients are automatically added to the unsubscribe list as soon as the recipient completes the removal challenge screen process.

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