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Dynamic Content

Inbox Advertising Dynamic Content Delivery service offers some great benefits. We can save you time building creative, while increasing the value of your messaging by providing a very customized and targeted solution. You will be able to disseminate large amounts of information, while not overwhelming any one individual, by sending a message containing only the information they have requested.

We achieve this by loading our mail serving software with a database containing declared recipient data, like age, name, address, hobbies, gender and even paragraphs containing profiles or descriptive content. Our software then assembles a custom message for each recipient, based on rules that we create about the data in the database. (i.e. If recipient's occupation = doctor and age > 45, include content cell #1). Content Cells can contain separate images, links, text, html and personalization from other Content Cells. All tracking is generated from one interface combining the aggregate results, as well as separate reporting for each Rule and Content Cell combination.

Example 1: You want to provide your newsletter audience with a customized content newsletter, where the recipient chooses the genre of content they will receive. The content will be comprised of snippets or teasers of full-length articles that are hosted on your web site. This is a valuable marketing method for re-purposing existing content that you may have produced for your on-line or off-line marketing. It also creates a vehicle for revenue generation by selling ad space and sponsorships for each mailing, in addition to providing a meaningful interaction with your audience.

In the diagram below, assume that we have a database that contains the subscription information collected from an online sign up (like our List Builder Service ). It could have also been supplied from an off-line source. Each message is assembled by applying various rules that instruct our email assembly program on what conditions to apply, what to do for each outcome and what content to place where. The final product is a seamless email message, customized with content based on the recipients' preferences and every dynamic component is trackable to that recipient, so that we can still determine who clicked on what.

Let's say you would like to address a more CRM-related issue, where your audience is not very large, however, your email message content varies greatly, depending on the recipient's occupation, geographical location and their assigned sales representative.

Example 2: Your target audience contains doctors, nurses and health care administrators. Each lives in 1 of 10 provinces/states and has their own dedicated sales rep from your company (let's assume you have 5 reps). The goal is to send different messages depending on the recipients' occupation, province/state where they reside and who their sales rep is. If you were to send a unique message based on each of the 3 rule criteria, you would have to build 150 unique messages (3 occupations x 10 provinces/states x 5 sales reps). If you use our dynamic content delivery system, you only have to build content for 18 segments (3 occupations + 10 provinces/states + 5 sales reps), which will be automatically combined to create the 150 possibilities.

It is important to discuss the requirements for Dynamic Content delivery with an Inbox Campaign Manager prior to beginning your creative design. We will provide you will specific documentation on how to set up and prepare both your creative and database, to ensure that you understand all that is required as well as all that you can achieve.

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It has been our experience that people like to receive something for nothing, so to speak. Try offering your subscribers email coupons and discounts.

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