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Client Questionnaire

Communication and understanding are critical elements to a successful email marketing execution. In order to begin a discussion regarding your email campaign, we find it helpful to have our clients fill out this quick Email Marketing Questionnaire. This will assist us in determining a services strategy to best address you requirements.

Please fill in as much as of the form below as you can. When you are finished, click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom. Questions with a * symbol beside them are required.

1. Name *
2. Email Address *
3. Phone
4. Company
5. Title *
6. Country *
7. What is your role in purchasing outsourced services? *
8. Have you used email as a marketing tool before? Yes      No      Unsure
9. Are you contacting us to send emails to your own list or do you want to send your email message to a rented list?
10. If you chose 'My List' from above, do you own the list of addresses you will be mailing to? Yes      No      Unsure
11. Select the type of sign up process that was used to build the list.
12. How did you obtain your list of addresses (i.e. web site sign up or trade show drop off box etc..)? - please provide details.
13. Provide a description of the types of information that was collected for each recipient, (i.e. email address, first name, last name, phone number etc.).
14. Are you familiar with current email marketing and privacy laws for your country? Yes      No      Unsure
15. How often will you be sending emails to this list?
16. What is your budget for this mailing?
17. How many addresses are in your list?
18. Do you have an unsubscribe process in place, for your recipients to remove themselves from future mailings? Yes      No      Unsure
19. Do you have an abuse address? Yes      No      Unsure
20. Would you like us to host the images in your message on our servers? Yes      No      Unsure
21. Will you be personalizing the message with any of the recipient's information? i.e. In the greeting - Hi Bob, Yes      No      Unsure
22. Would it be helpful to be able to identify a recipient who clicks, when they arrive at your website? Yes      No      Unsure
23. Can the recipients on your list view html, text, or is it a mixed list, containing both html and text recipients?
24. Will you require someone to manage your subscribers' requests, i.e. unsubscribe and information change requests? Yes      No      Unsure
25. Would you be interested in finding out how we can reduce your print costs using email? Yes      No      Unsure

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Marketing Tip #3

Maintain consistency in format and frequency of mailings.

If you offer a monthly newsletter, it is important to deliver a monthly newsletter. The treatment of your audience should be the same as if you were offering a monthly print magazine.

Deadlines are vitally important, as newsletters reflect the commitment of an organization as much as any other marketing effort. Consistency means following a similar look and feel (i.e. font styles, colours, graphics etc.), as well as including appropriate content that complements the nature of the message and newsletter in general.