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Campaign Management

From the testing stage to the launch, to the post-launch reporting, we take the lead and guide you through each option available throughout the process. This is essential for smooth and timely execution of the campaign. It is also important for accuracy of content, tracking, as well as avoidance of pit-falls like continuity between different email applications and the triggering of anti-spam mechanisms.

Most of our set-up process is automated. Once we receive all of the campaign materials, including lists, images text and code, we manually check the display of the creative, load all of the materials into our software and select the settings chosen for that particular campaign. Our software handles all of the special link, image and html coding required, as well as the management of the tracking, image hosting and personalization databases.

It only takes a few minutes to load and test a campaign, which means a very quick turnaround time (minutes instead of days), for initial campaign preview launches & re-launches. This also reduces the risk of human error and ensures proper coding, which equates to consistent and accurate campaign delivery, performance, tracking and reporting.

We apply our personal expertise to all aspects of your campaign, including uploading, previews, adjustments, troubleshooting, re-coding, data cleansing, live launch and all post-launch activities. You provide the creative and the list of addresses, we will take care of the rest.

For a detailed view of our management process, see our schedule below. If you have any questions, please contact us at (416) 636-5638 or email us at support@inbox-advertising.com.

Campaign Management Schedule

1. Initial discussion
2. Insertion Order (I/O) Explanation
3. Discussion of campaign deliverables
4. File Uploads
5. Data and Creative Submissions
6. Testing & Previews
7. Live Launch Approval
8. Post Launch
9. Follow-up

1. Initial discussion
  • Campaign goals - discuss expectations and determine the method of performance evaluation.

  • Short and long term strategies.

  • Timing (test and live launch dates).

  • List counts and type (html, text or mixed).

  • Extra features (personalization, unsubscribe, image hosting, pass value, dynamic content, forms, automation etc.).

  • Special instructions or delivery requests (de-dupe, selective link tracking, specific pass value links etc.).

  • Creative specifications (image sizes, formats, html code, spam triggers and total file size).

  • Review our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and our Guidelines for Permission-Based Email Marketing

  • Review and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - if required.

  • Discuss any needs for custom tools or existing software customization to achieve the goals.
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2. Insertion Order (I/O) Explanation
  • This is the agreement that outlines all of the parameters for deployment and management.

  • Provides a full breakout of pricing and terms.

  • Each campaign is treated as a one-off and requires its own I/O.

  • Contains a 'Standard Terms and Conditions' component that describes our agreement.

  • Once filled out, the I/O is faxed to you for approval. Once accepted, you fax back the signed version. We will then sign and fax it back to you, so that we both have signed copies.
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3. Discussion of campaign deliverables
  • Lists and Databases (test, seed and live) - The format for the data: flat file - one recipient entry per line with data separated by a unique delimiter. Excel .xls and .csv file are accepted.

  • Creative guidelines - Discuss best practices (images and code) and restrictions.

  • Message Header fields - Personalization can be applied to the To: and Subject: fields. Customization may be applied to the From: field (best to use Company/Product/Service name) and the 'Reply-to' email address.

  • Message priority - High, Normal or Low. Normal is safest.

  • Selective link tracking - Choose between selecting all of the links in the message or some of the links.

  • Image hosting - Free up to 75k total file size. From 75k to 150k there is a 15% premium. Total file sizes beyond that require a conversation.

  • Rich-media Creative - There are special instructions to follow and code to use when delivering Flash creative. We have a flash template that we modify to serve your specific creative. If you would like to be able to pass a value through the click-stream or to track a click contained inside the .swf, the creator of the flash file will be required to add some additional coding to the file. Please provide at least 3 days notice for Rich-media campaigns as additional testing may be required. Additional flat fee for set-up, testing and delivery.

  • Custom unsubscribe process - Our white label solution - requires a client supplied html page. This technology is ideal for follow-up questions or re-direction after the unsubscribe confirmation is displayed. The page can also be customized to display the recipient's removed address. The address can also be passed into any links or forms on that page.

  • Dynamic content with rules delivery requires a discussion of the content requirements before proceeding.
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4. File Uploads
  • All access is password protected. All transmissions are through a secure, Thawte verified encrypted server.

  • You are assigned a unique login name and password.

  • After you enter the site, you will have an option to visit our drop-off center where all data and image files can be uploaded. The format accepted for file uploads is .ZIP. Set to maximum compression for faster uploads.

  • As soon as the upload is completed, your campaign manager will be automatically notified and will retrieve the uploaded files.

  • Any issues that may arise regarding file integrity or completeness of the file contents will be communicated immediately.
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5. Data and Creative Submissions
  • All list cleansing and database preparations are performed including suppressions, intersections and unions.

  • De-duplication, or not. Our system is designed to handle multiple recipients who share the same email address but have unique personalization data, so it is up to you if you would like us to remove duplicate addresses.

  • Recipients' data containing malformed or incomplete email addresses are removed automatically. We provide a list of all data removed.

  • Creative will be checked for display irregularities.

  • Issues that arise will be communicated through email.

  • Content, layout or technical changes can then be performed by you or by us. We provide coding and graphic adjustment services at an hourly rate.
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6. Testing & Previews
  • A preview campaign will be launched, delivering a message to each recipient on the preview list. The preview campaign will be identical to the live version and will require authorized approval before the live launch can proceed.

  • We check each URL in the test message and the corresponding destination pages for any code errors or destination site problems and will notify the you if any are found.

  • Our management service includes 1 change or adjustment, if necessary. We then follow with another test campaign to ensure the changes are correct.

  • An additional fee is charged for any additional tests or changes required.

  • Our set-up process is fully automated. This equates to speed and accuracy. We have a very fast turnaround time, where preview campaigns can be launched in a matter of minutes.
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7. Live Launch Approval
  • Prior to any campaign launch, we must receive an email indicating the approval of the test campaign and providing authorization to launch the live campaign.

  • Once the campaign has been authorized, it can be launched immediately or scheduled for a later date.
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8. Post Launch
  • After a campaign has been launched we will enable the reporting access interface for you to login, view and download the campaign report results. Our technology also allows us to assign reporting access for specific URL results or combinations of URL results. This is invaluable for publishers who generate revenue from ad space sales and would like to provide reporting access for their advertisers.

  • Results lists will be generated at the client's request. These are lists of email addresses based on whether your email recipients clicked, opened, unsubscribed or did not receive the email. This is best conducted one week after the launch. We can also generate lists based on each specific link or combinations of links.

  • Special results lists can be generated for an additional fee. Some examples: respondents who did not click; respondents who clicked for successive campaigns; respondent who did not open;

  • Most of the campaign results will occur in the first 3 - 7 days post launch, however, results will continue to accumulate for weeks and even months after the launch date. We will maintain your unlimited access to that campaign for 6 months at which time the results logs will be archived.

  • Destination URL safety feature. We have the ability to change any destination URL in your message after the campaign has launched. A real lifesaver if the destination URLs are incorrect/incomplete or are pointing to a server that is unresponsive. Changes take less than 30 seconds to implement.
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9. Follow-up
  • We'll answer any questions you may have regarding the reporting and the results generated. In addition, we have a context sensitive help facility built into the reporting module that explains key functions and also details the methodologies and equations we use to generate the results.

  • Discussion of revenue generation techniques that can be used to monetize newsletters or mailing lists. Our system is specifically designed for Internet publishers who want to be able to sell multiple (or single) advertising placements within their email and newsletter communications.

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