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Automated Services

We provide all of our regular services, plus a bunch of extra options, in an automated format. These services allow every marketer to have their email marketing automatically driven by their batch files. Our processes can be set to run at a regularly scheduled time, on a daily basis. We can also configure the process to automatically send follow up messaging, based on the initial campaign responses and pre-determined time periods for responses. Lastly, we can automatically segment out and assemble a database of recipients who are non-responders, which can be used for delivery of alternate messaging through another medium.

As an example, you are a marketer or sales professional and you would like to convert a portion of your off-line marketing to online. One technique that you can use is to collect an email address from each customer who would like to receive your communications (i.e. newsletter, occasional product/service alerts etc.). Each day a database containing your new subscribers' data would be automatically batched either locally on your computer or on your servers and securely uploaded to our batch server (see diagram Scenario 1). Our automated processes will cleanse the database (removing and logging duplicate and malformed entries) and deliver a customized email to each recipient listed in the database.

An initial email message would be sent (see diagram below - Stage 1), which could be used to act as a welcome to your online program, or to include coupons, promote additional products or services, offer cross advertising for another company's products or services...whatever you require. This email can also be followed up by another automatic campaign (Stage 2), which sends an email to those customers who have yet to open their first message, after a preset time period (say 5 days). If the recipient still does not open the message within 5 days from the second mailing, our software can then generate a batch file containing a database of non-responders (Stage 3), which can be downloaded by your printing vendor, to be included in a direct mail piece.

If we were to make this a Dynamic Content campaign, we can further refine the relevance of the automated email. Let's assume that you are a small/large retail store, who would like to send out a specific message for each category of product purchased and in some cases, for each product purchased. If your customer purchases a cell phone, hockey stick and DVD, this would be added to the database that is uploaded on a daily basis (manually or automatically). Our automated processes will then assemble an email, which could contain a collateral marketing message for each product purchased that day. In this case, perhaps an offer of a cell phone charger, as well as a $5.00 off coupon on their next sports department purchase and a DVD club membership sign up offer.

We don't necessarily have to add a follow up component and direct mail component. In many cases, only a straight exchange, is required, that is, subscription/registration information in exchange for a download or coupon etc. We can also use our automated services in conjunction with our Acquisition Services.

As an example, you would like to offer an email coupon or whitepaper to all newsletter subscribers. The incentive could be structured as a 'sign up and receive' promotion. New subscribers are sent an automated email, after they activate their subscription. The email could include a whitepaper, coupon, tip sheet, product accessories or even a welcome to the online program message, etc. This can be an effective tool in attracting subscribers. As subscribers sign up, our Subscription Server adds each subscriber to a database containing all of the subscribers' declared information.

When the automated email batch is sent, instead of supplying the data from an external source, as would occur with the daily upload (see Scenario 1 in diagram), we use our Subscription Server as the daily source (see Scenario 2 in diagram). Note that in this example, we only use Stage 1 of the process. If you wish to follow up with an additional email, we can implement both Stages 1 and 2.

Automated Campaign Delivery can be used with all of our other services (i.e. Personalization, Dynamic Content delivery, Pass Value etc.). Unsubscribes will also be automatically purged to ensure they do not receive the second delivery. Reporting will appear in one continuously updated campaign (in real-time), available through our secure online reporting interface. All data transfers including uploading and downloading are through our secure servers.

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Marketing Tip #1

When using email as a first point of contact, you can effectively reduce your marketing costs on a continual basis.

By first sending your message through email, you can efficiently filter out recipients, leaving a much smaller list for your much more expensive direct mail piece.

Aside from being more cost effective than direct mail, email campaign results are more measurable and actionable for follow up strategies.