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As a marketer, you understand the value of your product/service offering. You know your audience and you know what you want to say. Your company relies on you for successful marketing campaigns...but, you aren't an expert in email technologies and your really don't have the years to develop and test a new technology, just to get that online newsletter out the door by Friday at 5 o'clock.

As a technology service provider, Inbox Advertising specializes in fulfillment. Specifically, email marketing services. Our commitment to providing the best service with the widest range of technology is unsurpassed.   Most of these technologies and services cannot be found anywhere else.   All are leading edge, extremely sophisticated and have been well designed to address email marketing and advertising requirements.

We know how difficult it can be to keep pace with email marketing technologies, anti-spam technologies, best practices, ROI and costs. That is why we are continually adding new services and enhancing existing ones. Much of our research and development is driven by our clients' requests. If we do not offer a solution that you require, let's have a discussion and we'll see what we can do. In most cases, if it is a great idea, we'll build it for free. You'll only pay for its use.

Our marketing services follow a very simple, but effective credo: Reach Your Audience .. Realize Acquisitions .. Retain Your Customers. You can rely on Inbox Advertising's professional services to assist in expediting all aspects of your email marketing, ensuring that your deadlines can be met. If it is urgent, not a problem, our usual turnaround time for preview launches is minutes instead of days, making sure that your approval process is never held up. We also provide creative, copy and code adjustments as well as a variety of list and database management services, all designed to address your email marketing requirements.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration, please contact us at (416) 636-5638 or email info@inbox-advertising.com

  Topic: Description:
  Acquisition Services List and database building services.
  Automated Services Details and examples of intelligent, automated emailing processes.
  Campaign Management Some unique management level services.
  Client Questionnaire A questionnaire designed to initiate discussions about email marketing.
  Dynamic Content Details and examples of customizing email content, based on rules.
  List & Data Management How to remove your email address from our clients' mailing lists.
  Polls & Surveys Information and a demonstration poll.
  Pricing How we structure our pricing.
  Publishers Information specifically for web property managers and owners.
  Services A detailed list of all of our campaign and subscription services.
  Services Feature Card All of our services with features and benefits explained.
  Think Tank Real life applications of our services.

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Marketing Tip #1

When using email as a first point of contact, you can effectively reduce your marketing costs on a continual basis.

By first sending your message through email, you can efficiently filter out recipients, leaving a much smaller list for your much more expensive direct mail piece.

Aside from being more cost effective than direct mail, email campaign results are more measurable and actionable for follow up strategies.