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Inbox Advertising provides email delivery and newsletter subscription services on behalf of our clients, to email addresses that have been provided to us by our clients or to those who have subscribed through one of our hosted subscription sign up web pages.

Please note that you can only be unsubscribed from mailings sent from our inbox-ads.com mail server. If you have received an email from a server other than our mail server, we did not send it and therefore cannot remove you from future mailings.

To determine if the email was sent from our servers, check the header of the message (Outlook users can view the header by right-clicking on the email line and selecting 'Options' or by opening the email and selecting 'View->Options' from the email application's top menu). If the header does not contain the line 'Received: from web2.inbox-ads.com []', then the message did not originate from our servers.

If you have received an email message from our servers and you would like to unsubscribe from that mailing (no longer receive that mailing), please use the mechanism provided in the email message that you have received.   Each message sent through our servers has an unsubscribe link or statement contained within the content, usually at the bottom of the message. To be removed from the mailing, simply click on that link and/or follow the instructions provided.

If you are having difficulties unsubscribing, please contact our support staff at support@inbox-advertising.com. If you have received an email from our servers in error, or would like to report email abuse, click here.

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Privacy questions?
Speak directly with
an email manager,
call (416) 636-5638