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Report Email Abuse

Inbox Advertising takes email abuse very seriously. Our clients are well aware of our commitment to legal permission-based email marketing and the compliances required by law. We regard email abuse as a legal violation and request that you provide as much detail as possible when submitting an abuse report.

Please note that we only accept abuse reports for mailings sent from our mail servers. If you have received an email from a server other than our mail server, we did not send it and therefore cannot address your issue.

To determine if the email was sent from our servers, check the header of the message. Outlook users can view the header by right-clicking on the email line and selecting 'Options' or by opening the email and selecting 'View -> Options' from the email application's top menu.   If you do not see the following line contained in the header (the numbers must all match as well), then the message did not originate from our servers: 'Received: from web2.inbox-ads.com []'.   Mail applications other than Outlook may have a different method for viewing the header information. If you are unsure how to obtain this information, contact your ISP or Administrator.

If you have received an unwanted message from our servers, or feel that your private information has been misused, please Forward the email that you have received to abuse@inbox-advertising.com.

Please include the following in your email:
1. A copy of the header information
2. An explanation of why you consider the message to be abuse
3. Details of the relationship between yourself and the email sender
4. Details of any prior attempts made by you to discontinue receipt of their messaging

We will respond to your abuse submission within 72 hours.

Our pledge to email recipients is that any Inbox Advertising client who continues to send emails that are determined to be illegal will have their accounts suspended and may be charged, as will be determined by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

If you would just like to unsubscribe from a mailing, please click here.

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Privacy questions?
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