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Privacy Policy

Inbox Advertising provides email delivery and newsletter subscription services on behalf of our clients, assisting in marketing and communicating with their permission-based email recipients. Inbox Advertising ensures that the trust and privacy of our clients, list owners, partners and message recipients will not be violated. We are committed to protecting and building on our relationships that we have with our clients, partners and email recipients and will continue to promote ethical and lawful email marketing.

Inbox Advertising reserves the right to periodically amend its Privacy policies. The most current policies in use will always appear on this web page. The laws of the Province of Ontario and Canada shall exclusively govern this Privacy Policy. By using Inbox Advertising's services or technologies, you hereby acknowledge and submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Province of Ontario and Canada. You agree that any use of Inbox Advertising's services or technologies shall be deemed to have occurred solely in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Client Information
Inbox Advertising uses client information to deliver its services. We will only use a client's email address for communication purposes and for email message testing, as may occur in the course of provision of our services. We do not use client information for purposes unrelated to the services we offer.

Cookies & Data Tracking
A Cookie is a piece of information that can be saved to your computer's hard-drive and accessed only by the site that placed the cookie. It is primarily used to customize an individual's experience by storing, reading and updating information about parameters or settings, which are unique to that individual. We do not use cookies to specifically identify any one subscriber. We do however cookie subscribers with a entry page identification number, which we aggregate with all other subscribers to generate page view statistics on the 'sign up' and 'manage your info' pages. We also add a unique recipient identification number to most links in an email message and use image trackers in html messaging. This is done to better assist clients in delivering more relevant content to their email recipients.

We do not reuse, sell or assume any type of ownership of our clients' email addresses, databases or reporting results. All recipient information is stored on our secure servers in log files for use by our reporting applications. As delivery results are generated, they are logged and later accessed by our clients through our reporting module.

We use current industry standard technology to maintain the confidentiality and accuracy of the information provided to us, however, we cannot guarantee that any information submitted to us will be free from unauthorized third party viewing. As a result, Inbox Advertising shall not be responsible or liable for any loss of privacy, disclosure of information, harm, damage or loss that may result from a transmission or attempted transmission of any information to us or any receipt or non-receipt of any information or transmission from us or through our servers.

We reserve the right to refuse the delivery of any email messaging that we deem inappropriate, hateful, racist, derogatory, offensive, unlawful, harassing, threatening or obscene. All messaging and newsletter registration programs will be reviewed by an Inbox Advertising Privacy Officer prior to deployment.

The operation and content of an advertiser's web site is beyond our control, and we do not endorse in any manner whatsoever or accept any responsibility for the content or other materials that are promoted or promised by an advertiser or associated with an advertiser.

Newsletters Subscriber and Email Recipient Information
All email communications and newsletter/subscription services we offer adhere to Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and CAN-SPAM regulations. Personally identifiable information (PII) including the identity of any subscriber or email recipient or their email address is never made available to third parties. We acknowledge the right of the email recipient to know of the existence, use, and disclosure of his or her information and encourage our clients to follow all current guidelines and regulations.

Newsletters Subscribers and Email Recipient Requests
It is the responsibility of the Inbox Advertising client to manage their recipient requests unless otherwise arranged. We recommend that our clients respond to all requests for information and complaints within 72 hours.

Permission is the foundation upon which our business is built. We prohibit the use of lists or databases containing non-permission based information. All recipient information stored on our servers must have a verifiable 'opt-in' document that indicates the registration source and recipient's agreement to receive information from the sender. We do not allow storing or delivery of unsolicited commercial email and unsolicited bulk email, known as spam.

Before a company can use our services and technologies, that company must demonstrate that the email recipients have agreed to receive email messaging from them and must be able to provide either a verifiable source of sign up for that recipient or proof of an existing/prior business relationship. In addition, if a company is using our hosted sign up/registration services, they must adhere to all promises and guidelines they have presented to their subscribers at the point of registration.

All data in all databases and lists stored on our servers can only be accessed by the respective owners and authorized Inbox Advertising employees. All data uploads and viewing through our on-line interface is only available through our secure server and requires a 40 or 128 bit encrypted browser.

We have invested in the latest servers, backup and firewall technologies to protect the information assets stored on our equipment. These investments further ensure that information about the identity and preferences of individual recipients is never accessible through physical intrusions.

Inbox Advertising prohibits the delivery of spam, as well as offers for multi-level marketing. We also prohibit inappropriate, hateful, racist, derogatory, offensive, unlawful, harassing, threatening or obscene communications of any kind.

Every email communication and subscription program includes a mechanism that will allow a recipient/subscriber to request information or to be removed from any future communications from the Inbox Advertising client.

For more information, please contact privacy@inbox-advertising.com
To report abuse, please contact abuse@inbox-advertising.com

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