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Privacy within the realm of permission based email marketing extends to both law and policy.  Please familiarize yourself with the current Canadian and U.S. laws, as well as our privacy policy, abuse address requirements, acceptable use policy and guidelines for email marketing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 416-636-5638 or email info@inbox-advertising.com

  Topic: Description:
  Abuse Addresses The whole story of what it is, how to implement it and how to respond.
  Acceptable Use Policy Rules and regulations regarding the use of our services.
  Email Guidelines Guidelines for Permission-Based Email Marketing.
  Privacy Laws Federal Laws for both Canada and the United States.
  Privacy Policy Policies for how we treat your information and how our clients use it.
  Report Email Abuse How to report email abuse or lodge a complaint regarding a message received from one of our clients, delivered from our servers.
  Unsubscribe How to remove your email address from our clients' mailing lists.

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