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Email Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through our FAQ for answers to your email marketing questions. If you are looking for the email services FAQ, which answers technology and service related questions, click here.

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1.   Why should I outsource my email marketing?
2.   Is outsourcing more expensive?
3.   Which is more effective, retention marketing (using in-house lists) or acquisition marketing (using rented lists)?

1.  Why should I outsource my email marketing?

The truth of the matter is that email messaging is an incredibly technical component of interactive marketing. Done properly, it can be a very effective and measurable marketing tool. Done improperly, it can ruin your efforts, mar your company name and even lead to loss of clients. That is why it is vitally important to rely on experts in the email marketing industry.

You do not want to experiment on your audience with technology. The true goal is effective marketing. We make sure that our clients do not have to worry about the highly technical aspects of email delivery and tracking. We take complete ownership of the fulfillment portion of the campaign, which enables our clients to focus on the marketing aspects.

As a client, you will be drawing upon the collective expertise developed in over 5 years of deployment and management of literally thousands of email marketing campaigns. Our proven technologies and sophisticated previewing and delivery processes ensure zero technical mistakes on every deployment.
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2.  Is outsourcing more expensive?

No. In most cases, working with Inbox Advertising will be far less expensive than any in-house solution. Building your own email marketing solution could take years to develop, require a lot of dollars and there is no certainty that it will work.

Conversely, buying an off-the-shelf solution will likely get you an inferior product, incapable of truly addressing your requirements. In addition to the initial software costs, the off-the-shelf solution will continue to cost you for upgrades, servers and staff to maintain and operate it, provided it will even work with your enterprise versions of anti-virus and firewall software. It is also important to make mention of the challenges and costs associated with gaining experience and the inevitable learning curve.

Inbox Advertising is continually enhancing existing services and adding new services. We offer technologies that are usually 2 years ahead of what the market is offering, positioning our services as always 'ahead of the leading edge'. If we don't offer a service that you require, send us your suggestion and we'll see what we can do. If it's a good idea, we'll build it and include it in our service roster for you to use. The best part is, you just pay for using it, not for us to develop it.

In all honesty, the question should really be, can you afford to not outsource to Inbox Advertising?
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3.  Which is more effective, retention marketing or acquisition marketing (using rented lists)?

Acquisition Marketing - using someone else's list
List renting is at best, costly and inefficient. Below are the Top 10 Challenges when marketing to someone else's list:
  1. Most of the large list companies experience at best, a 15% - 20% open rate. This means that 80% - 85% of your advertising dollars spent will be for emails that won't even be viewed.

  2. You do not have a pre-established relationship with the email recipient. Since you are a 3rd party advertiser, the recipient has not had a chance to develop a familiarity or loyalty to you. In many cases this type of marketing can be perceived as an annoyance. In addition, by not being the list owner, you are restricted in what you can say. There is no opportunity available to develop a client relationship, or to collect any feedback, as you are just an advertiser.

  3. The quality of the responses are questionable. Recipients are often incented by list owners to open messages and to click on advertisements. This has the effect of inflating click and open rates and will skew the true performance of the mailing, giving the appearance that it is producing far better results than is true.

  4. The metrics, reporting and results are questionable. List owners cannot sell against poor performing lists. There is a monetary incentive for their lists to perform well, which will allow the list manager to charge higher rates. The methodologies that are used for evaluating your campaign's performance can obscure the truth of what is really going on. Double-counting preview pane opens (by aggregating all open counts, without removing duplicates) is just one example of blurring the truth. Not being able to account for all bounced mailings is another major problem that will distort the results.

  5. You pay for bounced emails. There is no getting around this. The list owner may have sent the message to 1000 addresses, and charged you for 1000 addresses, but how many are actually valid?

  6. Overuse of a list. The better the list performance, the more use the list will get, which ultimately will reduce your campaign performance.

  7. Right of refusal and possible delays. List managers have the final say on the message content, delivery schedule and frequency of mailings.

  8. There is a chance that your message will be perceived as Spam. Remember, this is someone else's audience and they are most certainly bombarded with all types of email advertising, you won't be the first one sending to their list.

  9. Expensive. You can expect to pay between $150 and $800 per 1000 names. Remember 80%-85% of your mailing will not even be viewed, but you will still have to pay for it.

  10. At the end of the day, you still do not own your own list.

Retention Marketing - using your own list
Retention marketing just makes sense. Below are the Top 10 Reasons to market to your own list:
  1. Retention mailings outperform rented lists. They usually garner open rates from 50% to 95%.

  2. The recipients are already your customers. They like your product/service and have demonstrated an active interest in wanting to keep informed by signing up to receive your mailings. There is no better scenario for offering them new, upgraded or complementary products or services.

  3. You can take full advantage of a regular 1-to-1 marketing relationship. Messaging can become quite familiar in its tone and a true relationship can be established with your audience. We even offer the ability to add content customization, which can further enhance the personalized experience.

  4. Every aspect of the mailing is reported on. Our services are not measured based on providing good campaign performances. Instead, we provide accurate measurements that you would require, in order to effectively manage, hone and improve your marketing strategies. These are results that list owners would never reveal, like bounce results (with reasons for each bounce, including Spam filter refusal tracking), unsubscribe requests, as well as the actual received counts.

  5. Cost effective. You can also reduce you printing costs, by first sending your regular print mailing to your email list...whoever doesn't respond can receive the print version (we also offer Automated Services that send out initial and follow up mailings, providing multiple opportunities for email responses before automatically sending the recipient information to the printer)...what do you know, it just paid for itself!

    The great thing about retention email marketing is that you do not pay for the list, you just pay for the service to send your messaging to your list and to manage your subscribers. Expect to pay roughly $30 per 1000 names for delivery. Higher volumes and frequencies of mailings can reduce this rate down to $15 - $20 per 1000 names.

  6. Never perceived as Spam. Your audience must sign up to receive your emails, so the email will always be confirmed as having been requested by the recipient and can never be deemed Spam.

  7. No Delivery Limits. You can send messaging when you want to send it, as many times as you want.

  8. You can tie your results into your existing database. You'll be able to track the sales process, from email marketing message, through to an acquisition (all at a per-user level), allowing you to truly manage your ROI.

  9. You can generate revenue from your list. By acting as a publisher (list manager), you can generate revenue by renting out your list for 3rd party advertisement spots, sponsorships and ad pushes.

  10. At the end of the day, you own your list. Your list is a physical asset that is worth a real dollar amount and is available whenever you wish to use it.
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