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The Knowledge Center contains a variety of self-help documents, aimed at providing quick answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot locate the appropriate information, please try our site search tool, or contact us at support@inbox-advertising.com or (416) 636-5638. You may also find answers to many questions in both the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and our Email Guidelines document.

Please click on a topic below to view the respective document.  We are continually adding new information to this section, as we develop new and innovative solutions for email marketing...check back regularly to find out the latest information.

  Topic: Description:
  Creative Guidelines What you should know about your message content.
  Email Marketing FAQ Answers to questions like - Why use email? Should I outsource? Retention vs. Acquisition, which is better?
  Email Services FAQ Answers to Delivery and Technical questions.
  Glossary Definitions for many of the industry-related terms used throughout this web site.

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