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Inbox Advertising has been developing unique and sophisticated technology services for our clients' email marketing and subscription hosting needs, drawing from over 6 years of experience in the email marketing industry.

We understand your concerns and goals when launching email marketing campaigns. Generally speaking, email marketing technology can assist in either a favourable, or unfavourable way. If done incorrectly, you stand to lose not only a client, but you can harm your brand. Ensuring that the recipient can receive, view and interact with the message is our most important concern.

We had determined at an early stage that human error would be the greatest challenge in assembling, tracking and delivering email messaging. In order to address this, we have identified the 'difficult and troublesome' components of delivery, tracking & reporting and have spent 4 years developing solutions that automate most of the technical aspects of sending email. Our software platform has been used during literally thousands of email campaigns, ensuring their consistent and error free performance.

Here's a brief history of our technology...
Our first year was spent matching the industry standards for basic delivery and tracking. Our second year was spent enhancing each and every aspect of reporting and delivery, as our in-house developers produced what is decidedly, the most comprehensive and intuitive reporting interface available.

We also identified the need to provide our clients with services to build and expand their client base, so, we built our subscription services software. This service automatically manages all of your email marketing program subscriptions, provides a reporting interface with comparative views of different sign up sources and enables your company to comply with all Privacy law requirements for North America.

Not only can you send messaging, you are able to build lists of subscribers and enable the subscribers to self-manage their subscriptions. This means that you don't have to worry about it at all. The entire support process is automated, with an Inbox Advertising contact email address appearing on each page, in case your client requires assistance.

Publishers take note, we also provide services for revenue generation (selling advertising) in your newsletter or launching and managing push advertising to your lists.

This past two years have been the most exciting, where we have developed services which are still not yet available through any other vendor. Dynamic content delivery as well as the complete automation of all of our delivery services, to provide our clients with batch file processing, on a daily basis. Our technologies will even follow up automatically with secondary mailings, based on each recipient's response to previous mailings.

Going one step further, we have tied our subscription services into our automated processes and now offer automated response mailings when recipients subscribe. As we look to the future, we see our growth extend toward more new and innovative technologies and services, as we continue to address the needs of email marketers.

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