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Email marketing is by far the most cost effective, measurable, interactive, one-to-one marketing technique available. Our industry affords marketers tools that have never been available before, coupled with an environment for creating and maintaining a unique relationship between a marketer and each customer. Email marketing, specifically retention-based (marketing to your existing clients/customers and prospects) is truly a revolutionary tool that should be part of every marketer's online strategy.

Like any other industry in its infancy, email marketing has had its challenges with acceptance as a proven vehicle for establishing and maintaining communications with customers. More recently, in the past couple of years, the proliferation of Spam (unsolicited commercial/bulk email) and fraud has put a negative spin on email messaging.

However, with the passing of Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the CAN-SPAM Act, in addition to various email sender identity querying methods, like Sender Authentication compliance, as well as public awareness, improved server security protocols and double opt-in list requirements, there has been an overwhelming reduction of Spam. When sending your message to a double opt-in retention list, using Inbox Advertising technologies and services, the possibility of sending Spam to a recipient is virtually eliminated.

Email recipients have accepted email marketing, specifically, newsletters and alerts, as valuable methods of communication. At Inbox Advertising, we are hard pressed to find any other medium, which has the impact and response that a well honed, regularly delivered email can produce.

What is exciting about being at the inception of what is sure to be a very successful industry, is having the ability to develop and evolve the technology behind the scenes, expanding the range of tools that a marketer can use, all the while providing more comprehensive results and an increased return on investment.

We have yet to see any replacement that can measure up to the email address, as a means for communication, which means that Email Marketing will continue to be an effective marketing tool, well into the future of communications.

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